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The SEO landscape is in a state of constant flux. There are
drastic changes occurring regularly every 6 months or so as Google rolls out
sweeping changes to its core algorithm. At the same time, small tweaks are
constantly being made here and there; split tests are being run; people find
different tactics that work extremely well for a short time before failing

Basically, the world of search engine optimisation is a
world of chaos.

However, there is still a guaranteed way of staying
successful as an SEO practitioner, whether you’re a freelancer, a consultancy,
or an in-house marketing team.

According to Heavygate Marketing,
the trick is to stay creative.

Creative SEO

Most SEO agencies rely on set tactics for getting their
client’s websites to rank.

They employ the same tactics on their own websites too.

They’ll generally employ identical tactics in every
instance, regardless of the size of the client, the industry their in, how competitive
the keywords are, and so on.

Worse still, they will continue to go through the motions
with the same methods regardless of what is happening in the search engines
right at that moment. They are completely unaware of the changes that might be
occurring that very week in Google’s
algorithm; changes which could be rendering their tired old SEO practices
completely obsolete.

It isn’t that there are old tactics and new ones – good
versus bad.

It’s that there should never be a set list of tactics which
are employed in every situation over many months and years.

SEO moves too quickly for that.

According to the MD of Heavygate Marketing, creativity is
always needed: “You need to be constantly trying new things in a number of
different circumstances. It’s only then that you’ll truly start to get an idea
of changes as they happen in real time, but only a rough picture. It’s
practically impossible to figure out for certain all of the changes that Google
makes. So you need to be creative, think differently to everybody else, and see
what works.”

Recent Updates

Recent updates in Google’s algorithm have sent enormous
shockwaves through the SEO community.

Some sites – mostly those in the health and fitness niches –
were completely wiped out by the broad algorithm update back in August 2018.
This update came to be referred to as the ‘medic’ update, because of how it
seemed to predominantly affect health sites.

More recently in March, an update was rolled out which
seemingly put a preference on brands – or more specifically, branded links.

Clearly, things are changing at an accelerating rate.
Google’s algorithm just gets smarter and smarter. So SEO professionals need to
work increasingly hard just to keep up.

But one thing that will never become obsolete is experimentation,
critical thinking, and creativity. These are the tools being used by the people
constructing the algorithms behind the main search engines, so it is these
principles which should guide SEO practices going forward. The scientific
approach will always leave you playing catch-up; having lots of different
experiments running at once, with some completely outside the box, will leave
you ready for any surprises the SERPs might throw at you.

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